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How Consumers Overcome the Barriers during Online Grocery Shopping?

  • By sourcekeyfoodadmin
  • May 3, 2024

During this digital era, technology is the aspect of every day to day life activities. We find technology even if we go to book tickets, communicate, travel, buy groceries, and help to purchase electronic devices online. The present-day evinces automation by technologies and enables us to lead life smartly. With the development of technology, the online ordering of foods and delivery has been rising. One of the important factors responsible for the increasing usage of online grocery shopping is the recent pandemic circumstances. However, consumers have been able to overcome a lot of barriers during grocery shopping on online platforms. It is a common notion of people to visit groceries once a week and stock up materials.

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has put a setback to such supermarket visits and laid people to quarantine. This led to the usage of online grocery systems where people receive delivery of products at doorstep. However, a major section of people still prefers to buy groceries from local retail stores. In this blog, we will elaborate on the different reasons that are standing barriers during online grocery shopping and the ways consumers can overcome them.

People like to buy fresh produce from offline retail stores. This is because when you are buying fresh items from the store, you can look at the best looking ones, having no bruises and select the right ones. According to a recent study, it has been seen that more than 75.5% of buyers don’t shop online as they can see the products they are buying in supermarkets. The online grocery shopping does not give the option to touch veggies or eliminate items having dents. At times, shoppers also look for special items that they are unable to get offline.

Online retailers have to look for these items and maintain the supply so that they can draw customer’s engagement to the online grocery stores. Our grocery platform is a top online grocery ordering and delivery platform serving many customers across UAE. With a view to eliminating these barriers, Foodrunner gives quality assurance to customers. The products have complete details written with it, date of produce to how many days it can be kept. The products customers receive are of premium quality, and customers get the option to choose among a range of category items. Thus, they have the flexibility to look at the pictures of the product too.

The hassle of travelling to the supermarket grocery stores can be avoided by getting the grocery products delivered to your doorstep. But there are many online grocery stores that charge costly delivery charges for delivering only a few groceries at your doorstep. This is the reason why many shoppers consider buying grocery products from nearby local stores. Keeping this in view, we have created a unique online grocery shopping platform that enables smooth and efficient delivery of groceries at a cost-effective rate. You can find all products and order them. The delivery system is effective, and you can receive groceries at home under your budget.

As you visit a store, you get the option to touch the grocery items, check freshness by squeezing it. Thus, customers get the option to check for any defects. One can easily check the expiry dates and freshness of produce. However, this is not the same as the online grocery buying experience. As you order products online, the store employees select items of their choice and deliver it. However, this is not the same scenario with our online grocery platform. The online grocery store is one of the best online grocery shopping platforms that offer personalized products and is delivered to customers after checking superior quality products.

In the offline retail stores, while selecting items, customers can get the support of the store employees such as cashier, workers, and so on. In case of any product related queries, customers can instantly seek help from the store people and ask them. There are chances that the workers have good ideas about good quality products and recommend you about it. Contrary to that, while buying online groceries, you do not have any assistance and find difficulty when you see some new products.

But for all online grocery stores, this is not the same as our online grocery shopping platform offers instant customer care assistance where you can ask and relate to the items that you have added to cart. Customers have the flexibility to connect with the support team and get solutions to the queries.

There are times when customers end up selecting the poor colour quality, or they select a colour looking at the item’s images but receive a different colour. This situation is quite common when it comes to online shopping. You select a specific colour from the category list and end up receiving a completely different colour. This happens due to low product photography. In order to eradicate such confusions, Foodrunner is implemented with high quality photography of grocery items. Customers are able to check the real-like images and place the online order without any difficulty.

While going to shop from online groceries, you may find different pricing for different products. This might not match with the supermarket grocery stores. Customers may find online groceries a bit more costly than supermarket stores. This is one of the many reasons that lead most sections of people to opt for local grocery retail stores. But these issues can be eliminated with the help of promotional discounts and offers. The best online grocery shopping platform offers special discounts and offers to customers. The offers may also include seasonal and festive discounts. Customers are able to avail discounts and save a few costs of purchasing grocery items from online grocery stores.

The 21st century is all about technological advancement applied in all prospects of the business arena, utilizing digital platforms to do their business online. The digital platforms have enabled the seamless purchasing of online products by avoiding travelling to the supermarket store during this coronavirus outbreak. By overcoming the common barriers of online ecommerce shopping, consumers in UAE have opted for the availability of items in online grocery shopping stores. Though a significant section of individuals still travels to local supermarket stores to collect weekly groceries. Apart from that, a major number of consumers have been able to adapt to the online grocery stores and obtain home delivery of items.